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We are Pest Control Taringa. Our agency offers the finest flea control services all across the Taringa suburb. We are a prominent name in the pest control industry. Being in this field for many years, we have gained a lot of popularity. All the customers in this town trust us for our reliable and efficient services. So, do not waste your time. Call us and avail of our effective services. You can contact us on 07 3050 0758 for booking. 

About The Fleas and Their Control

Fleas are the most common and troublesome pests. These are small flightless insects that live as external parasites. Fleas usually live by feeding on the blood of their host, be it humans or animals. Although fleas do not live on humans they can pose potential damage to us by feeding on us. That is why fleas are dangerous and they need to be controlled. Flea spray is a process of controlling fleas to avoid problems. 

Types Of Flea Control Services We Provide In Taringa

Our agency offers a number of flea control services. Flea control actually involves various steps and methods. You can come to us for any kind of flea control service. The services that we offer for Flea Control Taringa include:

  • Flea Inspection and removal- We provide flea inspection services all across Taringa. The first and foremost thing that our flea exterminators do is inspect the house. Flea inspection gives an idea of the number of fleas and how to get rid of them. Then, they are easily removed by following specific methods.
  • Domestic flea control- Flea control in domestic areas is very common. We offer home flea control services in all areas of Taringa. If you are struggling with fleas, call us. Our professionals will reach your place and get rid of the fleas.
  • Restaurant flea control- Restaurants also have flea problems, as a matter of fact. They equally suffer from flea infestation. That is why we offer flea control services for restaurants. Our services are the best in keeping fleas away from such places. 
  • Pre-purchase flea inspection- Pre-purchase flea inspection is very important. This is because you would not want to move into a house full of fleas. Before moving into a new house or buying a piece of furniture, you must check it for the possibility of flea infestation. Otherwise, you would have to suffer later. 
  • Emergency flea control services- Our professional flea exterminators are always ready for emergency services. They carry their equipment with them in their van for such cases. Also, in such times, they show a quick response. So, hire us if you are in need of emergency flea control services. 
  • Same day flea control- Similar to emergency services, we also provide same day service. This is because we believe in providing quick services for flea control. Our local professionals help us provide the services on the same day.

Importance Of Flea Control

Flea control is very important. Flea infestations can have a lot of impact on the health of your family including your pets. By controlling fleas, you can minimize their impact. Since fleas feed on blood they can cause skin infections too. This can be a great danger for animals as well. Fleas usually suck the blood of animals and live in their fur. Hence, it is very necessary to get rid of them. 

Hire Us, Your Local Team For Flea Control Taringa

We at Pest Control Taringa offer excellent flea control services. Our agency is considered to be the best among flea control providers. We have great experience in controlling fleas. Our professional flea exterminators have proper knowledge and skills. Also:

  • We deliver the best quality workmanship
  • We also offer reasonable prices for all kinds of flea control services
  • Our goal is to satisfy our customers with good quality services
  • All the professionals that work with us are qualified.

Case Study

We got a call from a lady the day before. She explained that her house was infested by fleas. We reached her place on the very same day and inspected the house. Upon confirming that it was a flea infestation, we provided a complete flea treatment service. We also sanitized the area to avoid further problems. 

Taringa Suburb

It is among 5-star rated suburbs. This suburb is said to be the healthiest suburb inBrisbane. This is because of the health opportunities provided to the residents. Mount Coot-tha in Trainga has been a must-visit destination for the locals and many tourists. This place can be the best getaway for a family. 


Can you treat outdoor flea infestation?

Yes, definitely. Our agency provides flea control services for both indoor and outdoor. We are always ready to help you with any kind of flea problems. For outdoor flea treatment, we use the latest tools and equipment.

How do I get rid of fleas from my dog?

You can use essential oils to get rid of fleas from your dogs. Some of the oils such as citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary have the ability to repel fleas. You can use these oils on your dogs to get rid of fleas. Or you can mix a few drops of oil with 500ml of water and spray it on your dogs if they don’t mind spraying.

How to remove fleas from your house?

Citrus is very powerful in getting rid of fleas from your house. The limonene and linalool present in citrus are said to kill the fleas instantly. So, you can use a citrus spray on carpets and rugs, to keep fleas away.

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