Guidelines To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Using Kitchen Ingredients

One of the most common pests that can be seen in many homes is bed bugs. But, bed bug infestation requires proper treatment to get rid of them. These not only cause damage to your household items but also spread a lot of diseases. The good thing is that you can control these bed bugs using some natural methods and kitchen ingredients. 

bed bug infestation
bed bug infestation

Here are a few ways to get rid of bed bugs-

  1. Try using baking soda

To get rid of bed bugs, one can try baking soda which is easily available in any kitchen. This is an effective and convenient method that one can do at home. This is a good thing that you can use to kill and remove bugs. All that you need to do is to sprinkle it on your mattress and then leave it for an hour. Make sure you are using a good amount of baking soda for this. After this, you just need to do a vacuum cleaning of the mattress.

  1. Vinegar

Another important home remedy that you can try for killing and removing bed bugs is the use of vinegar. Vinegar works by attacking the nervous system of the bed bugs that make them suffocate. Use the vinegar solution once or twice a week

This shows immediate and effective results in getting rid of the bed bug infestation. So, you’re needed to spray vinegar on the affected areas such as the couch, bed, furniture, etc. Make sure you are doing this once every week for one month. Vinegar spray will reduce the growth of bed bugs to a great extent.

  1. Tea tree oil

Another effective and easy Bed Bug Control method is the application of tea tree oil. Though it’s natural oil, it shows an immediate effect in killing bed bugs. Are you seeing bed bug infestation in your home? If yes then tea tree oil can be your best home remedy to get rid of them.

This oil features anti parasitic properties which help in removing bed bugs permanently from home. For this, you are needed to make a diluted solution of this oil. After this, fill a spray bottle and then spray this solution of oil on all the affected areas such as mattresses, couches, curtains, and other furniture fabric. Once done, you can wash all the items with hot water. To get rid of bed bugs completely, you’re needed to repeat this process once in 15 days.

  1. Rubbing alcohol 

This is again an effective home remedy using which one can kill bed bugs. This works as a solvent for killing insects and pests by dissolving their cells. Therefore, you can use this alcohol for treating the infestation of bedbugs. You just have to spray this alcohol on the affected areas and leave it for some time.


The pest infestation at home is not less than any nightmare. Thus, to get rid of them, one can try the above-mentioned pest solutions for Bed Bug Control. Try some of the kitchen ingredients to remove bed bugs completely from your home.